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Officer Arnulfo "Arnie" Crispin - Badge #267 - End of Watch: 12/21/11

Officer Arnulfo Crispin began his career with the Lakeland Police Department on June 1, 2010.  Officer Crispin attended the Lakeland Police Department Mini-Academy and completed the Field Training Program that lasted three months.

Officer Crispin’s field training officer records indicate he was a good officer that conducted himself well on the job.  He was given good marks on his training and described as a highly motivated officer with good police instincts.  Officer Crispin’s field training officers indicated he had a willingness to always learn more and continue to improve on the job.   

Some of the comments from field training officers taken from Officer Crispin’s files illustrate these qualities:

“Officer Crispin shows an outstanding demeanor towards his job and is very respectful towards citizens and co-workers.  He is also very open to learn and receives critiques very well.”

“Officer Crispin appears to be a pro-active officer who enjoys his job and is willing to continue improving along the way.”  Dated 10/29/10

“Officer Crispin is eager to learn.  He has a really positive attitude toward the job.”  Dated 7/8/10

“Officer Crispin is a good listener, never has to be corrected about a mistake twice.  He shows excellent enthusiasm towards the job, and shows great pride in his work.”  Dated 9/13/10

“Officer Crispin is progressing well.   He is learning the duties of a police officer and putting what he learns to practice.  Officer Crispin is quickly becoming an asset to the Lakeland Police Department.”

This was taken from Officer Crispin’s 6 month performance evaluation where he received a rating of outstanding performance.