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LPD Policies and Procedures

Full General Order Manual (4.9MB)  


Commanding Officer Duties - General Order 1-3  

Supervisor Duties - General Order 1-4   

Code of Conduct - General Order 3-1  

Code of Ethics - General Order 3-2  

Social Media - General Order 4-2  

Nepotism/Fraternization - General Order 4-3  

Harassment in the Workplace - General Order 4-4  

Grievance Procedures - General Order 5-7  

Administrative Investigations - General Order 11-1  

Discipline System - General Order 11-3  

Early Intervention Program - General Order 11-4  


Filing a Complaint with the Lakeland Police Department -  A complaint may be filed by a citizen, criminal defendant, or any member of the department. Anonymous complaints are accepted with the understanding that a follow up investigation is more difficult when the complainant is unknown. Complaints may be registered at the Police Department or City Hall with City Commissioners or other authorized individuals.  More Information