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987 Lake Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland, FL (map)

Victorian Christmas

December 6 & 7, 13 & 14; 6:00pm - 9:00 pm

Experience a Dickens holiday as you move through seven themed rooms of an historic mansion over the period of an hour and a half.  Groups enter every 15 minutes.

Costumed interpreters playing the roles of Charles Dickens’ family and characters from A Christmas Carol lead you to experience the holiday as it was celebrated in the 1850s, at the height of the Victorian period, when most of our beloved Christmas traditions began.  
Participants experience popular parlor games of the period, savor the best-known sweets, sing the songs of the era, learn how to create Victorian Christmas decorations like crackers and kissing balls, watch a magic show and see theatrical excerpts from A Christmas Carol
987 Lake Hollingsworth Drive
Lakeland, FL 33803

$15 adults; $10 students