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Free Recycling Event: Hazardous Chemicals, Electronics and Tires

02/18/2017 [ 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM ]

Join us for this FREE recycling event!


CHEMICALS: Automotive fluids, batteries (household or vehicle), cleaners, cooking oil, fertilizers, fluorescent bulbs and other mercury-containing devices, fuels such as gasoline or kerosene, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, motor oil, paint (latex or oil), paint remover, paint thinner, pesticides, pool chemicals, solvents, wood preservatives, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, etc.

ELECTRONICS (Up to 5 electronic items per household): TVs, VCRs, CD or DVD players, camcorders, cell phones/smart phones, computers and/or peripherals, copiers, digital cameras, fax machines, GPS units, marine depth finders, pagers (in case you still have any sitting around!), portable music players, printer or toner cartridges, radios, stereo equipment, telephones and video game players. 

TIRES: Collected by Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. For information, contact KPCB at (863) 875-8911 or email


• Do NOT mix chemicals.
• Keep products in original labeled containers, if possible.
• Place containers into cardboard boxes. Use crumpled newspaper in boxes to secure containers.
• Place leaky containers in CLEAR plastic bags and transport in boxes with paper.
• Put boxes in the trunk or in the back of your vehicle, away from passengers.
• Place individual bateries in separate plastic bags, or cover terminals with heavy tape to prevent short-circuits.


Regarding Chemical & Electronics Recycling: 

Polk County Government Florida
• (863) 284-4319

Regarding Tires:

Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc.
• (863) 875-8911

General Event Information:

City of Lakeland, FL - Government Solid Waste Division
• (863) 834-8773