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SPCA Florida's Walk for Animals 2017

04/29/2017 [ 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM ]
Welcome to SPCA Florida’s Silver Anniversary Walk for Animals, Presented by the Petco Foundation! 

That’s right SPCA Florida’s 25th Annual Walk for Animals is coming and in a big way. New for this year, the Walk for Animals has an Inaugural Presenting Sponsor in the Petco Foundation and we are so appreciative of their support. In addition, we are extremely grateful of our past support and we look forward to your involvement in our silver anniversary as a Fundraising Team Captain or as a pet loving individual! Either way, you and your pet are welcome to attend our Walk on Saturday, April 29th!

For your convenience, we have provided you all of the necessary materials you will need to create a successful campaign. If you have any additional needs, do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. One thing you should know this year is that through our partnership with Florida Southern College, we have learned that each pet that is adopted from SPCA Florida has a dramatic financial impact throughout our community. This year, we are excited to share our appeal and message surrounding this year’s walk highlighting that every $100, or the equivalent of our average adoption fee, raised by our team captains and partners, grows to $3,000 in benefit to our for-profit veterinarian community. As SPCA Florida animal alumni settle in to healthcare providers, those developing relationships become the catalyst for our economy to prosper and grow.

Your involvement in this year’s 25th Annual Walk for Animals therefore becomes that much more significant for you in your efforts. Through this new information from Florida Southern College, your fundraising efforts on behalf of SPCA Florida have a more pronounced impact throughout our community. Just imagine the number of lives you can help save along with the value meaningful value and impact of your efforts will have on lives, human and animal alike as well as our community.

What will be your fundraising goal this year and what will be the impact you personally provide as you multiply your goal by $3,000?

We look forward to seeing you, your team, and your pup at Lake Mirror on Saturday, April 29, 2017!