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Preventing Cyber Attacks

05/24/2017 [ 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM ]
This presentation will provide an in-depth analysis of the latest trends, tactics, and news of the cyber threat landscape as seen from the eyes of a practicing security engineer. Once you have seen what the bad guys have been up to today, you will be exposed to a crash course of security policy management and network security architecture design that will help avoid the breach of tomorrow.

Discussions will include:

1. Threat landscape 2016 recap
2. Fortifying the network
3. Security craftsmanship
4. Implementing the solution

Speaker Bio:

Rob Krug is a Senior Solutions Architect for SonicWALL. He has been in the network security space for 25 years in both the private and public sector, and has extensive certifications in both networking and security disciplines as well as all SonicWALL certifications. Having designed, managed and supported some of the most secure and vast networks imaginable, Rob has an extensive background in security network design, engineering and telecommunications, and is a past SonicWALL Engineer of the Year.

Additional Information:

On top of the informative Cybersecurity session, lunch will be served to all attendees. There will also be a raffle, so don't forget your business cards! This is the fourth Lunch and Learn that we have held this year and we look forward to this one being the best one yet!


Contact Number:

(863) 709-0709 x 1127