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Deborah Cason
City Clerk's Office
228 S. Massachusetts Ave
Lakeland, FL  33801

If you have any questions, please call (863) 834-6210.


The City believes it is important to have an informed and engaged citizenry and therefore encourages citizen input and participation. As a result, we have several boards and committees to give residents an insight and a voice on important community issues. 

More than 130 City of Lakeland Board and Committee members provide a valuable service to our community by providing input into our decision-making process. The recommendations, decisions and hard work of these boards and committees can be seen everyday throughout our community. 

Be serving on a board or committee, you will be acting as an advisor to the Lakeland City Commission on a variety of subjects, including building and municipal codes, housing, zoning, historic preservation, parks and recreation, planning, transportation, and community improvement programs. The City, in turn, benefits from your expertise and experience.

Every board and committee has a defined statement of purpose and function.  The responsibilities, terms of office, membership size and meeting schedules vary for each board and are defined by a specific ordinance.  All meetings are open to the public.

Eligibility Requirements

Only City of Lakeland residents are eligible for appointment to City boards and committees.  Individuals may only serve on one board at a time with some minor exceptions.