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Lakeland - a vibrant, innovative, culturally inclusive world-class community

A community working together to achieve an exceptional quality of life


Social Responsibility - We will enhance the quality of life for all citizens through partnerships and programs that embrace cultural diversity, safety and community involvement. 

LeadershipWe will lead by example, learn from the past, provide direction for the present, and plan for the future.

IntegrityWe will conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner to earn the trust of employees and citizens.

Commitment to Excellence We will achieve measurable success and continuous improvement through investment of resources, a focus on efficiency and accountability, and high expectations for quality.

Empowered WorkforceWe will cultivate a work environment which offers the employee the authority to act through supportive leadership, mutual respect, trust, personal responsibility and open communications.

DiversityWe will utilize our ethnic, cultural, gender, and experiential differences to encourage participation, opportunity, equality, respect,and responsiveness to our community.


Economic Opportunity Goal:
Create and encourage inclusive, lasting environments that grow, attract and retain a creative, talented, educated and technically qualified workforce. 

Communication Goal:
Develop an informed and engaged community. 

Fiscal Management Goal:
Develop and effectively manage financial resources. 

Growth Management Goal:
Ensure planning and infrastructure results in quality development and safe, attractive neighborhoods. 

Quality of Life Goal:
Provide quality public spaces; deliver superior municipal services, and support arts, education, recreation and wellness. 

Governance Goal:
Provide for responsive and responsible governmental service.