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Lakeland Fire Department Expands Service to Advanced Life Support

The City of Lakeland and the Lakeland Fire Department are very proud to announce that as of Monday, January 31, 2011 the Lakeland Fire Department has expanded its Advanced Life Support (ALS) non-transport program to cover all areas within the City of Lakeland.  Prior to implementing this change, only half of the Lakeland fire stations had the capability of providing ALS service. 

ALS can best be described as a higher level of emergency medical care, usually provided by emergency medical technicians or paramedics. Typically ALS includes invasive techniques such as IV therapy, intubation, and life saving drug administration.

“We are very excited about this change and are certain that it’s a huge benefit to all of our citizens,” stated Assistant Chief Doug Riley.  “Implementing these changes will allow us to reduce the amount of time it takes to put certified paramedics on the scene of an emergency medical call.  The ability to deliver ALS care quickly contributes to our commitment to provide the highest level of service.”

Through a partnership with Polk County Emergency Medical Services (PCEMS) and under the medical direction of Greg White, M.D., the Lakeland Fire Department now has trained paramedics at all but one fire station and these paramedics have the capability to provide the highest quality emergency medical care.  The only station that is not designated as an ALS station is the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport substation that houses the specialized Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting unit. 

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