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Decision will be made on continuing alley service and the cost associated with the service

LAKELAND, FL (October 7, 2011) -- The Lakeland City Commission will conduct a public hearing on alley solid waste collection on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. as an agenda item during the regularly scheduled Lakeland City Commission meeting.  A brief presentation on a possible pricing structure will be part of the public hearing followed by public comment.  The City Commission is looking to hear from all those interested because there could be a pricing decision made that would affect all current City of Lakeland solid waste customers.

The City has moved forward with automated trash collection that is more efficient and requires fewer personnel to operate.  The City’s automated trash collection program , EZCan, allows residents to choose the size of their garbage container and they are charged accordingly.  Solid waste customers receiving automated trash collection have three container options: 35 gallon, 65 gallon and 95 gallon.  Residential customers that choose a 35 gallon container pay $13.50/month, residents that choose a 65 gallon container pay $14.50/month and residents that choose a 95 gallon container pay $15.50/month.

The City Commission will decide if solid waste alley collection will continue in neighborhoods that currently have their garbage picked up in service alleys.  The newer automated trash collection vehicles can’t service alleys because of the side arm method of loading trash.  There is not enough room between buildings and other obstacles in the alleys for the robotic arm that is used to lift the garbage containers to operate.  The October 17th public hearing presentation that identifies the pricing structure for alley collection services can be viewed by visiting .

If the City Commission decides to continue collecting in the neighborhoods that are currently receiving alley service, a decision will be made on an additional pricing structure for the cost of specialized smaller vehicles designed to operate in the tighter alley confines as well as the additional manpower needed to manually assist in collecting garbage from the alleys. 

There are five major options being considered by the Lakeland City Commission. 

1.       Spread the additional cost of specialized alley collection vehicles that are smaller and can maneuver in the tighter alley confines and the additional manpower needed for manual pick-up across all those that receive residential garbage collection service in the City.  There are approximately 2,000 residential customers that are serviced from the alleys and there is some consideration by the City Commission to spread the cost of specialized alley collection vehicles and additional personnel to all City of Lakeland residential solid waste customers.  This additional cost has been identified as 40 cents per month that will be added to all residential solid waste customers in addition to their regular solid waste monthly fees.

2.       Pass the additional cost that will be incurred for the additional manpower and specialized alley collection vehicles to only those customers receiving alley garbage collection service.  If the cost for smaller collection vehicles designed to better service alleys is spread to all those currently receiving alley collection service, the cost equates to an additional $5.32/month surcharge on the solid waste portion of a resident’s utility bill in addition to their regular monthly solid waste charges. 

3.       Service the alleys in the South Lake Morton Historic District and the Dixieland Historic

District.  If that decision is made, there will be an additional cost of $6.38/month for this premium service in addition to their regular monthly solid waste charges. 

4.       Only service the alley customers in the South Lake Morton Historic District.  If those currently receiving alley collection service in this neighborhood incur the cost for the specialized alley collection vehicles, they will be responsible to pay an additional cost of $8.45/month for this premium service in addition to their regular monthly solid waste charges.

5.       Discontinue alley collection service altogether to those serviced from the alleys so that all residential trash collection occurs at the curb. Under this option, all residents pay the same rate based on the size of their container.

Lakeland residents including those that receive curbside trash collection service are encouraged to attend the October 17th Public Hearing to address the City Commission on the solid waste alley collection options.  City of Lakeland solid waste customers who can’t attend the meeting can email their opinion on the issue to

Automated trash collection promotes safe and more attractive neighborhoods, creates a safer and healthier work environment for collection crews, encourages recycling and reduces costs.  The City of Lakeland began phase one of automated trash collection service in January 2011; phase two began in September, 2011.   Originally, the City of Lakeland planned to implement the automated trash collection program in four phases but because of efficiencies in service the implementation plan may occur in a three phase program.  Phase three is expected to begin in September, 2012. For more information on the City’s automated trash collection service, please visit



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