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Lakeland Electric Offers Energy Star Refrigerator Rebate

Lakeland Electric is offering a $200 rebate to residential customers for the purchase of a new Energy Star rated refrigerator.   To be eligible for the rebate a customer must recycle their old appliance and the rebate will be processed as a credit on the residential customer’s Lakeland Electric bill.  The purpose of the rebate is to encourage customers to increase the energy efficiency of their household appliances.  Customers must recycle their old units and can’t transfer or utilize those units for other purposes.

Those interested in taking advantage of the appliance rebate bust be a Lakeland Electric customer and they must own only one refrigerator.  Applicants must purchase a new Energy Star refrigerator and recycle their old appliance through the store of purchase.  The receipt must specifically state the old unit will be recycled in order for the rebate to be processed.

Lakeland Electric customers wishing to participate in the refrigerator rebate program simply need to:

1. Purchase a new energy star rated refrigerator.

2. Recycle the old refrigerator by having the store of purchase remove the old unit.

3. Submit the rebate application available on line ( and a copy of the original receipt within one week of the purchase and pick-up of the old unit. Please make sure the receipt specifically states that the old unit will be recycled.

Approved rebates will be offered as a one-time credit on the customer’s Lakeland Electric bill.  Rebates will be provided on a first come-first served basis to eligible customers.  In the event that customer demand exceeds funding availability, Lakeland Electric may in its sole discretion, discontinue the refrigerator rebate program without further notice.

The application for the appliance rebate program and instructions are available on Lakeland Electric’s website under Residential Energy Saving Tips, Programs and Rebates.  For more information on the appliance rebate program and other ReEnergize Lakeland residential energy efficiency programs, call 863/834-7172 or visit  and click the Residential navigation button on the top of the home page.

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