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December 19th - City Commission Meeting Highlights

At the City Commission meeting held December 19th the Commission took the following action:

The updated adopted Lakeland Linder Regional Airport Master Plan was approved.

Land use was assigned for land located at the end of the City’s Airport Runway 9-27.

The Five Year Schedule of Capital Improvements of the Lakeland Comprehensive Plan was approved.

A Low Turnover Restaurant on Property Located at 1037 Dixieland Mall Lane was approved.

Revisions and Requirements for elective plan options for the Employees Pension Plan was approved.

Changes to the boundaries of the Lakeland Area Mass Transit District were approved.

The uniform method of collection to collect all unpaid Non-Ad Valorem assessments imposed in calendar year 2011 and prior years was approved.

Assessments in the amount of $13,899.00 for demolitions at 1106 N. & Vermont Av. 1117 Anderson Av. were approved.

An agreement with West Lake Management, LLC for tenant relocation services for Lincoln Square Apartments was approved.

Renewal of City Health Plan Reinsurance policy was approved.

Award of Bid #1319 to Rodda Construction Inc. in the amount of $879,540.00 for the Solid Waste building renovation and addition was approved.

The City Manager and City Attorney and their assistants compensation increase of 1.5% was approved.

An ordinance creating the City of Lakeland firefighters’ retirement system was scheduled for a public hearing at the January 3rd Commission meeting.

A maintenance agreement with FDOT for upkeep of roadside areas and median strips at various locations was approved.

Naming unnamed private streets within Beacon Hill Colony Mobile Home Park were approved.

Resolution 4192, excepting certain positions from Civil Service was approved.

The employer contribution of 15.39% of compensation on behalf of each member of the City of Lakeland defined contribution plan was approved.

Extension of equipment lease purchase agreement for Elgin Street Sweepers with 1st Source Bank was approved.

The Mid-Florida Credit Union development and disposition agreement for the renovation of the Federal Building located at the corner of Lemon and Tennessee Avenues was approved.

The discussion of an employment agreement with City Attorney was postponed.

An equipment lease purchase agreement with Leasing 2, Inc. for Elgin street sweepers.

The authorization to implement 2.5% increase for eligible regular full-time non-union employees in conjunction with pension plan reform initiatives was approved.

A decrease in the fuel charge for Lakeland Electric customers of $5.70 per 1,000 kWh effective for residential customers’ meters read on or after January 3, 2012 was approved.

In final action, an agreement for consulting services for support of electric system North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Florida Reliability Coordination Council (FRCC) compliance was approved.

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