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LPD Awards Local Youth with Do the Right Thing Awards

On Thursday,  February 16th the Lakeland Police Department honored four young citizens with the  “Do the Right Thing Award”. The “Do The Right Thing” program highlights the positive actions of local young people that often go unnoticed. The winners of the bi-monthly  award for December and January are: Thomas Boles, Dalton Vanhorn and Joey and Nick White.

Thomas Boles

Thomas Boles is a 13 year old student at Blake Academy. He  was nominated for continued ability to resist peer pressure and to encourage others to avoid wrongful behaviors.  Thomas is president of the National Junior Honor Society, active in the Student Activities Committee and is very involved in the student tutoring program.


Dalton Vanhorn

Dalton Vanhorn is a seven year old 1st grade student at Polk City Elementary School. After learning from his parents of the significance of the cards hanging from the “Angel Tree” at a local restaurant, he decided on his own to choose a child’s wish list from the tree. He then purchased gifts with his birthday money so another child could have a nice Christmas.


Joey & Nick White

Joey White is a 15 year old 9th grade student at Summerlin Military Institute. His brother Nick White is a 16 year old Junior at George Jenkins High School. After having dinner at a local restaurant with their father, LPD Police Captain Victor White, the three witnessed a mugging in the parking lot. After assisting their father in apprehending the mugger, Joey and Nick aided and comforted the victim until more police units arrived.

To watch the video of the ceremony on line, visit the LGN Video-on-Demand section.

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