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City Commission Meeting Highlights - February 6, 2012

At the Lakeland City Commission meeting held February 6th The beautification Committee presented landscape awards to John Radabaugh, owner of the a residence at 839 Mississippi Ave. and Lanier Upshaw Inc. the business at 1115 US 98 South.

The city honored the following employee’s for their years of service to the citizen’s of Lakeland:

  • For 10 years: Joel Adams, Fredrick Barthle, Chelsea Dearie, Samuel Fox, and Shannon Williamson.
  • For 20 years: Mark Ashley, Mindi Fitch, Tim McCausland and Don Nix.
  • For 25years: Jimmy Causey Jr., Lourdes Duncan, Gordon Harper, Alan Lukhauband John Sanders.
  • For 30 years: Robert Sloan.

The Real Estate and Transportation Committee recommended, that the city purchase the property, located at 608 N. Morgan Avenue, which had experienced documented flooding due to the as part of The Lake Parker Southwest Basin Stormwater project.

The Municipal Boards Committee recommended that the following appointments be made:

  • Charlotte Garrison and Lee Thomas, to the Code Enforcement Board.
  • Jeff Brooks to the Historic Preservation Board.
  • Diretta Wilcox, to the Polk TPO Citizen’s Advisory Committee.
  • Dave Curry to the Utility Committee.


The commission instructed staff to research for further discussion a request by Billy Townsend reference adding same sex partners to the city's benefits package.

A request for a conditional use to allow a community garden on property located at 1229 East Myrtle Street was approved.

Conditional use to allow beer and wine sales as a complement to an existing retail business on property located at 229 North Kentucky Avenue was approved.

Zoning to allow residential units for the elderly with varying levels of care and support on property located at 5555 N. State Road 33 was approved.

The Commission approved adoption of t he Florida Fire Prevention Code, 2010 Edition.

The Commission approved amending the City of Lakeland Concurrency Management Ordinance.

The Defined Contribution Plan (401a) amendment was approved.

A lease purchase agreement for various energy efficiency improvements in various city facilities was approved.

Public hearings were scheduled for the February 13th Commission meeting for discussion of: standards for Solar Energy Systems, reinstatement of ordinances 3617, 3643, and 3449 and the Deferred Compensation (457) plan amendment.

Assessments in the amount of $30,560.86 for lot clearing activities performed by the city at 95 different properties were approved.

A contract for the sale of 719 N. Massachusetts Avenue to Parker Street Ministries, Inc. in the amount of $1,276,500 was approved. After adjustments for capital investment in the property in the amount of $1,119,048.26. and $25,000 in rent payments the resulting  $132,451.80 mortgage will be held by the Community Redevelopment Agency with a lump sum payment due at the end of the 10 year term.

A $545,000 construction bid for the Lakeland Police Department training center expansion was awarded to Miller Construction Inc.

A task authorization for the design phase of the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport taxiway bravo extension was approved with the understanding that due to FAA fuding the city share for the entire project will be $140,500.

Task Authorization for a Wildlife Hazard Assessment (WHA), development of a wildlife hazard management plan, and conducting wildlife hazard management training at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport was approved. The city share of the cost for this project is expected to be $7,895 subject to final approval of FAA.

An agreement with The Davenport Group for the Installation and use of land management software at an initial cost of $212,517, maintenance costs for years two and three will be $29,026 per year with subsequent years subject to an adjustment for CPI, not to exceed 4%.

In final action the Commission voted to approve favorable recommendations from the Utility Committee regarding an Agreement with Siemens Energy, Inc. for the Purchase and Installation of a High Fidelity Simulator for Lakeland Electric’s McIntosh Power Plant and Agreement with C & C Power Line, Inc. for Replacement of Conductors on Lakeland Electric’s Transmission Line.

The total cost of the agreement, with Siemens, which includes the equipment and installation, is $1,496,548, which includes $199,251 for the personnel training program.

The total cost to complete the work associated with this upgrade to the Transmission Line is $634,110. As part of the overall $3,172,000 project Progress Energy has agreed to reimburse the City 50% of the total estimated cost of the upgrades, the ultimate cost to the City for this C&C agreement will be $317,055.


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