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March 5th City Commission Meeting Highlights

At The City Commission meeting held March 5th Casey and Carly Reeves, of Girl Scout Troop 90 began the meeting by leading the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

Communications director Kevin Cook presented an update of the cities communications activities highlighting the city’s newsletter “Access Lakeland” now distributed with the city utility bills.  There was also a presentation made honoring Helen Chappell the city’s main lobby receptionist for the last 17 years on her impending retirement later in March. March 9th 2012 was also declared as Helen Chappell day.

Beautification Awards were presented to: 1601 Josephine St. , Hickory Hills Manor  for commercial landscaping and 409 Tucker St. ,Donald Williams for residential.

Employee service awards for 10 years of service were presented to: Eddie Benitez, Jannie Cuttrell, Chawn C Hall, Jeffrey Michel, Kathy Mott, Julie Pride, and Staci Scott.

20 years: Terry Crosby, Kenny Jordan and Donzetta Lloyd.

25 years: Frank Bass, Jack Daugherty Jr., Linda Fairbanks and James Niblack.

35 years: Jeffrey Wiiliams

Proclamations were presented in honor of the Women’s Club 100th Anniversary, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, Girl Scout Week, Lakeland Fire Fighters Association Local 4173, Appreciation Month, and Purchasing Month.

The Real Estate & Transportation Committee meeting recommendation of the first amendment to the lease agreement with At Your Door Moving & Storage, LLC at Lakeland Linder Airport, was approved.

The Municipal Boards Committee recommendations to appoint: George Figgs to the Beautification Board, Jason Troller to the Citizen Advisory Committee, Jim Studiale to the Harden/Parkway CRA Board, Rosalyn Kennedy to the Planning & Zoning Board and Steven Wade to the Utility Committee were all approved.

Tom Deardorff, Polk County Planning Manager, presented the Draft Community Planning Strategy Report.

 Pamela Damewood, President of Carillon Lakes Homeowners Association and others addressed the commission about fire protection in their area of the city.

The Neighborhood Services division presented the One Year Action Plan and Projected Use of Funds, 38th Year CDBG and 18th HOME . The recommendations continue to emphasize benefits to low and moderate income residents of the City, with funding directed to housing rehabilitation, home purchase assistance, code enforcement, and public services ranging from summer recreation to services for the elderly.

A Public Hearing was held for Comprehensive Plan Certification

Program Monitoring Report and the recommendations were approved.

The city commission approved $22,490.16 in assessments for lot clearing at 76 properties throughout the city.

Public hearings were scheduled for the next commission meeting concerning ordinances to allow for the expansion of an existing solar energy farm on property located at 4070 Hamilton Road, allow a six bed group home on property located at the northwest corner of East Lime Street and South Indiana Avenue, a third incentive category to qualify for economic development impact fee mitigation for Transportation, Law Enforcement and Fire fees.

The position of Deputy Parks and Recreation Director was approved as a position not covered by civil service.

An agreement between the City and Keystone Challenge Fund, Inc. governing the terms/conditions of eligible Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) projects related to the development of affordable housing in the City of Lakeland was approved.

An acquisition and redevelopment agreement with White Challis Redevelopment Co., LLC for the New Southern Square – Bay Street Parking Lot Redevelopment Project was approved.

In final action a Task Authorization with TJR Technical Services, Inc. for technical assistance for McIntosh Power Plant’s Unit #3 during the March-April 2012 scheduled outage was approved.








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