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Structure Fire Update: Tennessee Rd.

On Thursday March 15th the Lakeland Fire Department received a call to a structure fire at 2602 Tennessee Rd. Eight units from stations one, two, three and four were dispatched at 7:15 pm and arrived on the scene at 7:20 pm.

The responding team consisted of seventeen fire personnel of three fire engines, two rescue units, one heavy rescue unit and a battalion chief.  

When units arrived they found a home partially engulfed in flames. Chief Jeff Wharton took charge of the scene and assigned teams to extinguish the fire, perform search and rescue, water supply, and rapid intervention.

In a wooded neighborhood surrounded by other homes, mobile homes and trailers, in close proximity; LFD was able to bring the initial blaze under control within a few minutes, containing the incident to the original structure. This helped quell the fears of neighbors who had gathered anticipating that the fire might spread.

A trouble truck from Lakeland Electric was also on scene to insure the safety of any electrical service to the home.

At approximately the same time units from stations two, three and six were dispatched to another structure fire on Trenton Rd that turn out to be a false call. The members of the Lakeland Fire Department, and other city departments, continue their dedication to making our city a safer place to live.

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