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LAKELAND, FL (April 6, 2012) — A utility line is damaged by digging once every three minutes nationwide. It affects your safety, your family’s safety, and your neighborhood’s safety. But most important, it’s preventable.

April is Safe Digging Month in Florida.

“Throughout the month,” explains Cheryl Ritter, Sunshine 811 damage prevention manager, “we’re running the 811 Promise campaign to make Florida’s residents aware of the requirement to call 811 before digging – even for smaller projects like landscaping or installing a fence or mailbox.”

Calling 811 gets underground utilities in your yard located and marked with paint and flags.

The consequences of not calling can be inconvenient, like no‐cable‐tv‐for‐the‐weekend inconvenient. But if you cut into a line carrying phone service to your neighborhood, the neighbor up the street won’t be able to reach 911 when he begins having chest pains.

Making the 811 Promise and then carrying through with it every time you dig will keep you and your neighbors safe.

“Making the 811 Promise doesn’t cost you a dime,” Ritter said, “but it does give you peace of mind when you’re working outside.”

To make the promise, visit and click on the 811 Promise button. Then, share the 811 Promise with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or email using the share tools at the top of the page.

“The more people who make the 811 Promise,” Ritter concluded, “the more we can realize our mission: to make Florida the safest place to dig.”

Sunshine 811 is a statewide organization that raises awareness and educates Florida’s communities on the legal requirement to call 811 before digging. Its goal is to eliminate digging damages to underground utilities through a series of five steps that begin with “Call 811 Before You Dig.” Visit for more information on the five steps.


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