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City Commission Meeting Highlights - April 16, 2012

The Lakeland Police Department gave a presentation that included updates on current crime statistics, crime prevention programs and the Chief's Challenge initiative of establishing a goal of reducing crime by 30% over the next two years.

At the City Commission meeting held April 16th Proclamations were presented commemorating:

  • Boys & Girls Club Week
  • Lakeland Derby Day
  • Law Day
  • National crime Victim’s Rights Week
  • National Landscape Architecture Month
  • National Music Week
  • Occupational health Nurses Week
  • Parental Alienation Awareness Day.

A lease agreement with Legal Airways for hanger expansion at the airport was approved.

A request dock located at 1250 West Lake Parker Drive.

A discussion of the Firefighter’s Retirement System was postponed to the April 21st meeting and The item on the Police Retirement System was postponed to the meeting on the 7th.

A daycare center at 1030 Olive St. was approved.

A request for conditional use for a banquet hall at 215 E. Main St. was withdrawn.

Conditional use for the Boys & Girls Club at 950 Pinewood Ave. and Girls Inc. 1220 W. Highland St was approved.

Amendments to the Land Development Regulations to allow staff approval of minor deviations from development standards for building bulk, fences and walls, landscaping and through lots was approved.

Public hearings were scheduled for the next Commission meeting for a Bio-solid processing facility at 923 Wilkinson Rd. several amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. and the repeal of firearm and ammunitions related regulations .

Donation of easements to FDOT, in relation to the construction of the Fort Fraser Trail Bus Transit Bay, was approved.

An as yet unidentified company scheduled to bring an initial at 127 new jobs in Lakeland’s Enterprise Zone which is a state target area for new job creation, but expect to hire a total of 763 new jobs was approved as a qualified applicant in the target industry tax refund program .

Creation of a Mayor’s Business Round Table and Mayor’s Council on the Arts was approved.

The Department of Justice recently posted  2012 local allocations for the Edward

Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG). Attachment 1 reflects Lakeland’s

$33,238 direct award for 2011, this was disclosed today to pave the way for public participation in determining how the funds will be dispersed.

In final action a task authorization with OHC Environmental Engineering, Inc. for air monitoring and oversight services during asbestos abatement of Lincoln Square Apartments was approved.

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