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Lakeland Homicide Cases Retold on Discovery Channel Show

Two homicide cases from the Lakeland Police Department case files will be highlighted on the Discovery Channel "Show Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets". This is a true crime show where a murder is described in first person of the victim. Viewers must piece together the who-dunnit based on clues from investigators and family/friends. The first local case featured is the homicide of Teresa Comfort. Her story will be retold in the episode "Hook, Line and Sinker". 

Hook, Line, And Sinker – Air date – July 16th at 10:00pm

For Teresa Comfort, growing up in a small Florida town was ideal. Teresa just knew she would live in her hometown all her life. The sunshine, beaches and getting together with friends made her smile. But after one night on the town with friends, her life is cut short. The next morning, Teresa's body was found in her car, submerged in a lake. She has been brutally attacked. Immediately family and friends suspected Teresa's boyfriend. However, when his alibi checked out, investigators were left fishing for clues. Then an unexpected tip came in, leading investigators to their biggest catch of the day.

The second episode, "Morning Ambush", retells the story of Robert Taylor. 

Morning Ambush -  Air Date - September 10th at 10:00pm

Growing up in the North Carolina countryside, Robert Taylor loved nothing more than being outdoors and working with his hands. But when work dried up, Robert headed to sunny Florida and made a whole new life for himself.

But his life was cut short during his routine bike ride to work. Robert was ambushed and shot multiple times. Weeks passed in the investigation as detectives followed up on all tips, but they lead nowhere. Two years later, family and friends wondered if they would ever find out who killed Robert, until a guilty conscience drove his killer to make a shocking confession.

Police Captain John Thomason and Sargent Gary Gross served as liaisons to the producers of the show while they were shooting episodes here in Lakeland. They along with several other members from the Lakeland Police Department will appear in both episodes.

You can find the Discovery Channel show on the following local networks:
Brighthouse - Channel 135
Fios - Channel 123
Fios HD - Channel 623

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