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Smart Grid is Plugging in to Lakeland

A group of well-trained individuals dressed in yellow shirts and driving specialized vehicles have been spotted recently throughout Lakeland. There’s no cause for concern because they are removing and replacing existing electric meters with Lakeland Electric’s new “Smart Meters”.  Smart Meters are electric meters that can transmit data directly to and from the utility.

Technicians from Scope Services, the Lakeland Electric contractor assigned to this project, will be driving well-identified pickup trucks marked with “Plug into Smart” decals and the Lakeland Electric logo.  They will all carry a photo I.D. badge for identification.

The Plug Into Smart Meter project is expected to be complete in the winter of 2012.

Customers may experience a brief interruption of their electric service when the Smart Meter is installed.  The Smart Meter and Smart Grid System will provide Lakeland Electric customers with more detailed information about their energy use and allow them, for the first time ever, to be active participants in their household energy management.   

Smart Meters will automatically notify Lakeland Electric in the event of a power outage, and let the utility know when power has been restored.  

For more information on how and when you can Plug Into Smart Power, visit

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