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March 7th City Commission Meeting Highlights

At the March 7th 2011 City Commission meeting, the Risk Management Department explained the City’s purchasing procedures and operation.


25-year employee service awards were presented to Greg Brown, Jay Ellis, Bobbie Jackson, and Julian Thelen. 20 year service awards went to: Michael Moran, Shelley Ray Smith, Richard Wade and Eric Watson. 10 year awards went to: Eric Bryant, Aaron Jensen, Robert King, Richard Platt, and Joshua Stalvey.


Proclamations were presented honoring Purchasing Month, Girl Scout Week, and Red Cross Month.


Colleen Burton, Executive Director of Polk Vision, Inc. presented the “Refreshed” Vision for Polk County. More information is available at


The Proposed 2011-2012 One Year Action Plan and Projected Use of Funds - 37th Year CDBG and 17th Year HOME. $841,806 for CDBG and

$472,097 for HOME. Were approved.


The Commission approved for submittal to the state the annual monitoring report for the State Local Government Comprehensive Plan Certification Program. The report has an Executive Summary with highlights of this year’s report; the report is followed by three key attachments:

• a statistical & narrative summary of all Plan Amendments adopted since the last report;

• a status of required monitoring indices; and

• a status of items outlined in the Work Program required for certification.


The Commission approved assessments for lot clearings at: 1245 George Jenkins Blvd., 1008 W. Marjorie St., 10026 Mesa Madera Dr. and 1705 Bush Ave.


A request for expansion of a church at East Parker Street, East and North Massachusetts Avenue was approved.


612,203 Square feet of additional warehouse and distribution space for Publix Super Markets on property located at 2600 County Line Road was approved.


An amended boundary description of the certified area contained in the  Lakeland Local Government Comprehensive Planning Certification Program Agreement was approved.


A resolution of the City Commission of the City of Lakeland, approving and adopting minimum standards for commercial aeronautical activities at the Lakeland Linder regional airport was passed.


The Commission approved a resolution relating to elections and election

campaigning; stating the policy of the city commission for fair, open and responsible campaign practices; endorsing activity intended to increase citizen participation in municipal elections and to foster an informed citizenry.


The Commission approved an agreement with Starboard Consulting LLC for consulting services related to the Maximo 6.3 Upgrade. IBM Maximo software provides management tools to maximize the value of critical business and IT assets over their lifecycles with workflows by enforcing best practices to yield benefits for such things as transportation, production, delivery, facilities, communications and IT. A number of City departments, including Lakeland Electric, use Maximo and are in the process of upgrading to newer versions of the software.

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