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Measures Are Underway to Continue to Provide Quality Water

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An important project is underway at the T.B. Williams Water Treatment Plant to ensure that all City of Lakeland water customers continue to receive the cleanest drinking water possible.

TLC Diversified, Inc., of Palmetto, Florida, the company contracted to complete the project, has a team of experienced professionals assigned to replace the sealant coating and filter nozzles of the six 43 foot long by 14 foot wide, by 10 feet high water filtering structures at the plant.

The three filter units use dual media (anthracite coal over silica sand) to remove suspended particles from the water to meet potable water standards and to ensure clear and safe finished water.  Filtering achieves multiple water filtering objectives including control of color and clarity and removal of tastes, odors, organic compounds and disease-producing organisms.

These filters were constructed in 1983 with the last significant work done in 1999.  The effects of normal wear and tear have degraded the integrity of the coatings, reduced the filtering efficiency and impaired equipment operation.

The process takes five to seven days to complete, per filter structure, weather permitting. The walls of the unit must meet strict temperature and moisture levels for the coating material to be applied. The process includes several steps. The tank must be drained then all adjacent equipment and exposed surfaces must be covered and sealed before the coating can be applied. After the coating has cured, the 1,300 nozzle caps are unscrewed then the nozzles are replaced with new assemblies. Finally, the new filtering media is added and water is reintroduced and tested prior to placing the filter back into service.. 

The project is planned to allow for the uninterrupted operation of the plant and is expected to last five months with a ten- year lifespan.

Twelve bids were received in December of 2009 with TLC Diversified’s bid of $619,784 being the lowest, responsive and responsible proposal.

TLC Diversified specializes in water and wastewater treatment facility related projects. Their experience includes projects for the Cities of Tamarac, Clearwater, and Leesburg.

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