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Micro-paving Downtown Lakeland Streets

The City of Lakeland recently started a downtownstreet paving project. Unlike traditional paving methods that take days, weeks or months to prepare and pave the surface, the downtown project used a process called micro-paving.

Micro-surfacing is a mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, aggregate and filler, and water that is mixed and applied in two passes with the specialized equipment. The first pass is designed to smooth out surface irregularities and fill ruts prior to application of the surface course. A micro-paved street can accept traffic within one hour after application under most conditions and that is a big advantage over traditional paving methods.

About a 20 City block area was resurfaced using the micro-paving process at a total cost of $169,000. The project was completed in days instead of weeks at half the cost of traditional paving methods. A typical micro-paved street has a life expectancy of 10 years in comparison to the 12 year life expectancy of traditional paving.

The downtown paving project was paid for using shared fuel tax revenues that are collected at the pump as part of the price for a gallon of gasoline. State law limits the use of those local taxes to transportation costs such as road construction.

The benefits of micro-paving are obvious because of the cost savings but even the old road aggregate that is scraped in preparation the new pavement is recycled into other uses by the City’s Division of Construction and Maintenance.

Mike Whigham, Manager of Construction and Maintenance shares with us the process and benefits of micro-paving in the video above.

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