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Lakeland Electric Presents Electric Safety DVD's to Polk County School Board

Lakeland Electric has recently partnered with Culver Company in producing educational DVD’s that provide a solid curriculum support Florida’s Sunshine State Standards in the area of science for elementary students that are in second through the fifth grade. 

The Culver Company has over 30 years of experience working exclusively with utility public outreach and hundreds of utilities across North America partner with Culver Company to produce educational materials.

There are five video lessons that cover the following topics:

Electricity Basics: How does electricity get to my lights?

Conductors & Insulators: Why are power cords covered in plastic-like stuff?

Outdoor Electrical Safety: What’s up with kites near power lines?

Indoor Electrical Safety: Why can’t I put a fork in the toaster?

Fallen Power Lines: What if a power line falls on my car?

Jim Stanfield, General Manager for Lakeland Electric said, “Our partnership with the Polk County School Board is very important.  We have a strong commitment to education that is evident with our efforts at the Power Academy at Tenoroc High School.  We are pleased to spread our focus to include electrical safety in the elementary schools.”

On Tuesday, June 14th Lakeland Electric presented 100 DVD’s to the Polk County School Board to be used for elementary schools throughout the Lakeland Electric Service Territory.


Leah Lauderdale, Senior Director, Community Relations for Polk County Public Schools greeted Jim Stanfield, General Manager of Lakeland Electric in front of the Polk County School Board and accepted the DVD’s along with District 2 School Board Member Lori Cunningham.


Lauderdale said, “Our business partnerships are so vital and the important lessons introduced in the DVD’s parallel what our students are learning in the classroom.” 


A total of 46 elementary schools within the Lakeland Electric service territory will receive the DVD’s.








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