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Lakeland Electric Increases Fuel Charge 15 Cents

The Lakeland City Commission voted to increase the fuel charge for Lakeland Electric customers 15 cents per 1,000 kWh effective for meters read on or after June 30th.  The fuel charge increase was due to an 8% raise in the cost of natural gas since March 2011. The new fuel charge will be $50.65 per 1,000 kWh.  As of June 30th, Lakeland Electric residential customers will pay $110.17 for 1,000 kWh of electricity.

After listening to a staff presentation at the June 20, 2011 Utility Committee Meeting, the Lakeland Electric Utility Committee recommended to increase the current fuel charge.  The City Commission reconvened and approved the recommendation. 


Past                                Effective June 30, 2011

Base Rate        $  59.52                                   $  59.52

Fuel Charge    $  50.50                                   $  50.65

TOTAL:            $110.02                                   $110.17

With the increase in the fuel charge, Lakeland Electric rates remain at the 4th lowest out of the 37 utilities serving Florida residential customers and the 3rd lowest in Florida for large commercial customers. 

Lakeland Electric bills are broken out for customer convenience in detail to show the base charge, fuel charge and appropriate taxes and service charges.  The fuel charge on a utility bill is exactly that, the actual costs for fuel used to generate the amount of electricity used within your residence.  Most utilities subscribe to the same billing practice and break out the base rate and the fuel charge for their customers. There is no mark-up in fuel.  In fact, fuel is a straight pass-through to customers. 

Visit for more information and to see a residential rate comparison.

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