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Policies and Procedures for Associations

  • Registered Associations should adopt by-laws governing the rules of procedure, voting, membership, frequency of meetings, officers and their duties. City liaisons can provide you with sample by-laws. Registered Associations must keep a copy of their by-laws on file with the Neighborhood Outreach Office.

  • Registered Associations may not discriminate against or exclude residents who reside within the boundaries of the neighborhood. Associations may accept voluntary dues but membership fees must not bar any resident from participating and voting.

  • Registered Associations must hold at least one general meeting per year to maintain their active status. Meeting information must be included on the registration form.

  • Associations should keep minutes of their meetings. Neighborhood Outreach Office staff will provide limited file space to store official paperwork such as meeting minutes. It is the responsibility of the association to forward this information to the City.

  • Associations are encouraged to participate in the quarterly meetings of the Neighborhood Association Coalition (NAC). Every effort should be made to avoid neighborhood meeting schedules that conflict with the NAC quarterly meetings.

  • Neighborhood associations that use the city’s services for newsletters and flyers must adhere to the newsletter policy found in the appendix.

  • Removal: The city may remove an association from the registry if the association remains inactive for more than one year. A letter will be sent to the association notifying them of non-compliance. If the association notifies the city in writing within 15 days after the receipt of notification, the city will request the association fill out a new registration form. If no response is received within the 15 days, the association may not register for a period of six months from the date of the notification.