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Lakeland Community Redevelopment Agency
228 S. Massachusetts Ave.
Lakeland, FL  33801
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Available Properties

Downtown Lakeland enjoys an ideal location anchored by five lakes, historic residential neighborhoods, a regional civic center including auditorium, arena, and convention hall, world-class parks, and a vibrant central business/retail district that has been redeveloped through tens of millions of dollars of public and private investment over the last thirty years.

Over 1,000,000 square feet of office space and 200,000 square feet of retail support a daily workforce of over 9,000 people.  Lakeland has been described as Florida’s best mid-sized downtown for good reasons: seven major arterial highways lead to downtown; the transfer station which serves the Lakeland Mass Transit District is here as is the City-owned Amtrak Station; the City’s largest urban park built to highlight the Lake Mirror Promenade which has been featured in publications from the 1934 National Geographic Magazine to the official 1998 State of Florida Calendar anchors Downtown to the east.

For all of these reasons and more Downtown Lakeland is a place that you and your company should consider for relocation and/or growth.  Come visit and see what Downtown has for you.