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Lakeland Community Redevelopment Agency
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Enterprise Zone
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Core Improvement Area

The Core Improvement Area allows for the exemption of all County and City impact fees, excluding water and wastewater.  More information

Enterprise Zone

An Enterprise Zone is a specific geographic area targets for economic revitalization.  More information

Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area

The Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area includes properties with commercial zoning along South Florida Avenue from West Walnut Street to Lenox Street.

Dixieland Alley Improvements Map

The Dixieland CRA Advisory Board has committed to a five year alley improvement plan in an effort to meet the infrastructure improvement goal outlined in the Redevelopment Plan.     

Downtown Community Redevelopment Area

The Downtown Community Redevelopment Area boundaries were once again expanded. Public improvements have been put in place to stimulate private sector investment.  A collection of subdistricts makes the Downtown CRA more eclectic.

Lakeland Downtown Development Authority

The Lakeland Downtown Development Authority is a special district whose mission is to improve and stimulate the environment for economic development in a people-oriented Downtown community. More information

Mid Town Community Redevelopment Area

The Mid Town Community Redevelopment Area focuses on community to planning and implementation of redevelopment activities.