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Make Your Neighborhood the Best It Can Be

When residents of an area decide to form a neighborhood association, it is usually because of a desire to achieve a common goal through united action. The goal could be as simple as wanting to improve an abandoned property or remove an old truck in a yard that has become an eyesore. Maybe there is an increase in crime and you don’t want to be the sole voice of complaint. Maybe you need a speed bump installed to reduce high traffic speeds. You might have a drainage problem that needs attention and calls to City Hall have not produced results.

Maybe you don’t have a particular problem but just want to enhance your neighborhood. Perhaps you want to add a community garden or youth programs. It could be that the children are not allowed to use school grounds for recreation. Maybe there is a need for special activities for seniors. Maybe there is a need for more coordinated action among churches and other volunteer groups.

If you perceive that there is a shared need or a shared vision for a brighter future in your neighborhood, start the discussion about forming a neighborhood association. Collaborative action is the best way for a group of neighbors to create positive change. When minds and resources are brought together, solutions can often be found to issues that once seemed overwhelming.

Become a Registered Neighborhood Association

If you are interested in becoming a registered neighborhood association, please contact the Neighborhood Outreach office at 863.834.6011.