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KIDS / Grades K - 5


Registration / Check In 9:00 AM
Opening Remarks 10:00 AM
Fashion Show / Ice Breaker 10:30 AM
LakelandPD K9 Demo 11:15 AM
LUNCH  12:15 PM
She's No Stranger  1:15 PM
Ventriloquist 2:00 PM
Meet a Police Officer 2:30 PM
Health and Fitness 3:00 PM
Conflict Resolution 3:30 PM
Arts & Crafts  4:00 PM
Youth Rally 6:00 PM



TEENS / Grades 6 - 12


Registration / Check In 9:00 AM
Opening Remarks 10:00 AM
Fashion Show / Ice Breaker 10:30 AM
Workshop A / LPD Panel 11:15 AM
LUNCH / Video "What To Do If Stopped By An Officer" 12:45 PM
Workshop B / Hustle University 2:00 PM
Workshop C / Sound of the City Rap Rehab 3:00 PM
Sound Of The Town Finalists 4:30 PM
Youth Rally 6:00 PM

WORKSHOPS (click titles for details)

  • Workshop A / LakelandPD Panel


    Juvenile Records – Just like your edges, it’s so hard to re-grow a good reputation.  But seriously, let’s discuss how you can bounce back after a juvie record.

    S-N-A-P! – Did you see her on Facebook and Snap Chat? When social media give TMI.  What is posted could have a lasting impact on your life and future.

    Riding Dirty – Be picky about who rides in your whip. No guns, no drugs, no open bottles, no thugs…no exceptions.

    Cultural Competencies – People being bias, racist, stereotyping, discriminatory, just straight up nasty? Let’s talk about it.

    Presenters and Panel Members:  Asst. Chief of Police Victor White, Sgt. Adrian Rodriguez, Det. Jamie Henderson, Neighborhood Liaison Officer DeAngelo Anthony and School Resource Officer O.J. Wesley and Katina Lewis.

  • What To Do If Stopped By A Cop

    A presentation on the things you do and do not do when stopped by an officer.  Following will be an open discussion with the teens.

    Presenters and Panel Members:  Asst. Chief of Police Ruben Garcia, Lt. Marvin Tarver, Det. Stacy Pough and School Resource Officer O.J. Wesley

  • Workshop B / Hustle University with Hotep

    Hustle University - Teens are taught the freedom of power to make the best life decisions.

    Topics to be discussed are as follows:

    • All about the Benjamins
    • Grinding It Out
    • Keeping it 1 Hunnid

    Presenter: Hotep

  • Workshop C / Rap Rehab

    Young adults! Lyrical artists! And those who can drop a beat! Get out your best lines and material. A clean song writing contest, "Sound of the Town," with studio scholarship is offered for the ultimate Lakeland collabo!

    Topics, activities and awards to be discussed are as follows:

    • Under the Influence of Music
    • Scholarship to the Mid Town Studio
    • Song Writing Lesson
  • Sound Of The Town Finalists

    Participants who were voted to have the best rap skills will have a chance to perform their new hit!





Dinner 5:00 PM
Parent Panel 6:00 PM
Evening Concludes 8:00 PM


  • The Power of One (Single Parent Encouragement)
  • Consequences of Juvenile Crime
  • Youth Diversion 
  • What Parents Need to Know about Truancy (Frequent Absenteeism)
  • Juvenile Records