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Martial Arts

Decorative Thanksgiving Image: Pumpkins in the top left corner with the words "Happy Thanksgiving" in the middle

Wednesday -11/25
Recreation Centers & Libraries will close at 5 pm

Thursday - 11/26 - TURKEY DAY!
Closed: All recreation centers, offices, Libraries, Gandy Pool, gated Parks, & the Cleveland Heights Golf Course

Open: All non-gated Parks and Se7en Wetlands are accessible - use at your own risk. We ask everyone to be respectful, trash receptacles will not be emptied on Thursday

Friday - 11/27
Closed: All recreation centers, offices, Libraries, & Gandy Pool

Open: All Parks and The Cleveland Heights Golf Course will be open normal hours

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Covid19 graphic with City of Lakeland Parks & Recreation logo at bottom middle

Check out our news page for updated information on Parks & Recreation Cancellations and Closures in response to Covid-19 precaution

Kelly Recreation Complex

Ph: 863.834.3284

Kids & Adults (Please consult instructor for youth):

  • Judo: Kodokan Imperial Dragon Judo Club
  • Japanese Karate for Teens & Adults (Ages 12+)
    Personal development through the study of Wado-Ryu Karate. Perfection of character through mental thoughness, physical fitness and self-defense. Instructors have over 40 years combined experience teaching and competing worldwide.
  • Shorin-Bushido Karate & Ki-Shim-Kai Aikido
    The Shorin-Bushido dojo is a new martial arts school focusing on classical Karate and Aikido. Emphasis will be placed on self defense and traditional Japanese/Okinawan training methods, as well as the cultural and spiritual philosophy that shaped those arts. All participants interested in improving their health, well-being and broadening their horizons are welcome. The instructor, Butch Bonner has 30 years experience in martial arts. For more information, please visit: www. shorin-bushido.com

Coleman-Bush Building

Ph: 863.834.3350
Email: ColemanBush@Lakelandgov.net

  • We are currently looking for a Martial Arts instructor at the Coleman-Bush Building. Please email or call for more information.

Simpson Park Community Center

Ph: 863.834.2577
Email: Recreation@lakelandgov.net