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So You Want to Be a Vendor...

We are open September-July, every Saturday, 8-2, on the 200 block of N. Kentucky Avenue and the 200 block of E. Bay Street. Follow these steps for the most efficient way to join the market!

STEP 1 :A great way to start this process is to visit our Market and meet  the Market Manager, Jim Luna and some of the vendors. Read posts on our Facebook page to have a feel for what goes on here and get a sense of our community. 

STEP 2 :Prospective vendors should email the Market Manager and describe and provide photos of what you want to sell as a vendor at the Market. The market manager can make product decisions over the phone.  We need to see the product. Not sure? He has some ideas for some new products we'd like to offer customers just ask those questions in the email. Sometimes we have all we need of a certain type of vendor and we would need to have any additional ones go on a waiting list. For example, we wouldn't want 4 different coffee vendors!

We are not a "flea market" or a place for ordinary resale of products. We emphasize handmade, homegrown, wholesome products, with a few exceptions that are carefully controlled.

Maybe you represent a non-profit and would like a table at the Market to share your information. We allow that, with the approval of the Market Manager. The main things we ask for non-profits is that when they are at the Market, they provide something of value to the Market's customers and that they stay for the duration of the Market's hours, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m., unless prior exceptions have been granted by the Market Manager. Contact the Market Manager preferrably by email to discuss.

STEP 3 :Take a look at the requirements below to find out what kinds of documentation you will need, what the rules are, and the "fees" to be a vendor. Once you've emailed the market manager and he has approved your products(s) fill out the vendor agreement below!

We are always looking for new vendors and we are glad to hear all inquiries! Thanks for your interest and we hope you can join us!

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Vendor Agreement (Updated and Approved 7-17-14) Please print 2 copies from web; one for you to keep with Market Manager signature, and one for you to submit to the Market Manager. If you do not have the ability to print the documents, please contact the Market Manager in advance, and he will make sure he has copies at the Market.
Market Rules (Updated and Approved 7-17-14)  Rules are a part of the Vendor Agreement above, but if you need a copy to be printed separately, then they are available here.