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Palmetto to Southwest Transmission Line Storm Hardening Project

Lakeland Electric will be replacing utility poles along South New York Avenue from Cresap Street south to West Belmar Street, along West Belmar Street from South New York Avenue west to South Lincoln Avenue, and along South Lincoln Avenue from West Belmar Street south to West Edgewood Drive.
The existing wood poles are being replaced with steel poles.  Wood poles typically have a 30 year life expectancy and the original poles were installed in 1962.
     ·  Improves infrastructure against future severe storms
     ·  Increases capacity
     ·  Improves reliability
     ·  Scheduled to be completed December 2013

Lakeland Electric will be replacing utility poles and the wires in the Dixieland Neighborhood. The project requires heavy equipment. Traffic control is required to ensure public and work crew safety.  During the project there will be lane and road closures which will cause some detours. Messenger boards and temporary road signs will be used to help inform residents.
Residents will see different color markings, paint and flags on the ground to help identify utilities such as phone and cable lines.  Identifying lines is important so crews can set poles without damaging other utilities.
Some of the crew members will go ahead of the construction and pre-dig to make sure the new poles can be set in the proper location (see picture).  Residents can expect some elevated noise levels while the new steel poles are being installed.
Residents may notice dirt mounds after the new steel poles have been installed. Crews will use this dirt to help with ground settling and to backfill holes caused by removing the old wood poles.
During the construction customers could encounter brief outages as transformers and service cables are relocated. Residents will be properly notified whenever possible and workers will restore power as soon and safely as possible.

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