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Two Firefighters Transition from Probationary to Regular in Tuesday Ceremony

After successfully making it through LFD's rigorous hiring process, new hire orientation, and a year long probation period that includes multiple skills, physical abilities, and knowledge assessments, Firefighters Daniel Ivancevich and Alex Sanchez celebrated their transition from probationary to regular firefighters in the company of fellow firefighters and family in a ceremony held February 11, 2014.

The ceremony marked the Firefighter's successful completion of the Personal Qualification Standards that the department uses to vet candidates. This probationary period is designed to ensure that new additions live up to the department's standards and are cut out for this difficult line of work. 

Assistant Chief Rick Hartzog presented both Firefighters with black helmets to replace the yellow ones all new rookie firefighters receive for their first year. The yellow helmets are used to easily identify new firefighters on a fire scene to the other more experienced firefighters and officers. 

Both Daniel and Alex were joined by their families and crew mates to mark this important moment in their careers with LFD.

Congratulations to both and continued success!

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