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Applications for Use

Main Library
Main Library Meeting Room Application.pdf

Main Library Meeting Room USE policy.pdf

Staff member Lisa Kolesar is happy to assist with any questions about meeting room use at the Main Library.

Branch Library

LJ Branch Meeting Room Application.pdf

LJ Branch Meeting Room Policy.pdf 

Library Supervisor Henry Simmons coordinates the Branch Library meeting room calendar. Contact him at 863-834-4295 or


Meeting Room Information & Schedules listed below



Both the Main Library and the Larry R. Jackson Branch Library have meeting rooms available for use.



Main Library meeting room and kitchen shown

All meetings must be open to the public.
No monies can be charged, collected or distributed.
Non-profit and educational groups are allowed.
No commercial use.

The Main Library meeting room will seat 80 comfortably.
The Branch Library meeting Room will seat 30 comfortably.
Kitchen facilities are available at both locations, but NO COOKING is permitted, light refreshments only.

The Libraries will not schedule the meeting rooms for groups that have less than 10 attendees at the Main Library and less than 5 at the Branch Library.

2014 Schedules