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Florida Citrus Labels

The Special Collections unit of the Public Library for many years mounted online exhibits using visual images (photographs, postcards, posters, citrus labels) to focus on a particular theme or subject documenting some aspect of Lakeland history and/or development. Exhibits have included a pictorial history of the Lakeland Public Library, a postcard exhibit of Lakeland's municipal architecture, the African-American experience in Lakeland, the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland, the aviation history of the city in pictures, the Lodwick School of Aeronautics, Lakeland schools, Lakeland's hotels, Frank Lloyd Wright and Florida Southern College, the Lakeland Police Department, and many others.

The exhibits allowed patrons to learn about some aspect of Lakeland's history, while providing them with a glimpse of the Special Collections unit's extensive holdings of photographs, postcards, posters, and citrus labels. We have also featured the work of individual photographers such as Earl Morgan Savage and Dan Sanborn, whose photographs have documented Lakeland's growth and development from the 1920's through the 1960's.

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