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Lakeland City Hall, @1940's

Although the Special Collections unit is not the official repository for the records of the city of Lakeland, it does have a number of significant collections of official city records. It houses the minutes of the meetings of the Lakeland City Commission dating to its first meeting on January 6, 1885. It also is home to the ordinances and resolutions of the City Commission from 1893 to the present. Also included are the records of such ad hoc and standing city committees as the Historic Preservation Board, the Beautification Board, and the Committee of "21". Records relating to the city's Diamond Jubilee and Centennial Celebrations can also found here. Finally, among official city records is a miscellaneous collection of reports, agendas and minutes of meetings, and publications of a variety of city agencies.

The Lakeland Center Collection, RG140, documents the construction, growth and development of the city owned Civic Center. The Records of the Lakeland Public Library, RG400, include administrative files, financial records, and records documenting the construction, renovation, and expansion of the present Lakeland Public Library.

The collection of Lakeland Ephemera, RG100, consists of a variety of brochures, magazine articles, and newspaper clippings published by and about miscellaneous Lakeland businesses and organizations.