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The City of Lakeland, Florida was incorporated on January 1, 1885. John W. Trammell was elected the first mayor. F. R. Green, W. B. Bonacker, John D. Torrence, Robert Bryant, E. W. Toney, W. E. Thacher, and Eppes Tucker were the first aldermen. C. F. Newell was the marshal, and Thomas D. Green the town clerk.

Although the Special Collections unit is not the official city archives, it does house significant collections of city records, including the original minutes of City Commission meetings from 1885. Microfilm copies of the minutes are also available from January, 1985 to March 1986.

Included are City Ordinances dating from 1893. Ordinances passed between October 16, 1902 through 1909 are missing from the collection. Copies of ordinances are also available on microfilm.

The earliest City Commission Resolutions were included in the Commission Minutes. The Special Collections unit houses City Commission Resolutions since 1952, with the most recent resolutions housed in the Office of the City Clerk.

Special Collections also houses Journals of Financial Records from November 16,1922 through August 31, 1951.