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Ad for the Beacon Hill development, 1925

Lakeland, though only 125 years old, has a significant architectural heritage. That heritage is recognized in the designation of historic districts within the ctiy limits and the ongoing attempts to establish additional districts. The  currently recognized historic districts are Beacon Hill/Alta Vista, RG2465;  Biltmore/Cumberland, RG06-2; Dixieland, RG2390; Lake Hunter Terrace, RG06-1; Lake Morton, RG2450; and Munn Park, RG2400. The records in each of these collections document the ultimately successful attempt to have neighborhoods designated as historic districts. Included are structural resources surveys for each of the neighborhoods, reports and completed site survey forms for each structure in each district more than 50 years old at the time of the survey.

Digital copies of the site survey forms for each historic district can be found in the Digital Images section of our website.

The Northwest Community Collection, RG420, documents to a very small extent life in one of the city's predominantly African-American neighborhoods. Included are reports, commencement for Washington Park/Rochelle High School, brochures, flyers and a diploma issued by Washington Park High School in 1942.