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Scope and Content Note

Hangar and training aircraft at the Lakeland
(later Lodwick) School of Aeronautics

The Albert I. Lodwick Papers were donated to the Special Collections unit of the Lakeland Public Library in increments from the mid-1980's to 1992. The records were in a variety of formats and were in no particular order when received. At some point a decision was made to separate the photographs and negatives from the manuscript materials and to create a number of photographic record groups known collectively as the Lodwick Field Photos (numbered P700, P710, and P715). Examples of the photographs from the various groups accompany this narrative description of the Lodwick Papers.

The records described herein document to some extent the professional career of Lakeland businessman Albert I. Lodwick, particularly his involvement in the aviation industry. There are many gaps and the record is incomplete, but the extant records provide an overview of Lodwick's career.

The collections totals 4.25 linear feet. After processing, the records were divided into seven series as follows:

Series I, Subject Files;
Series II, Correspondence;
Series III, Curtiss-Wright Corporation;
Series IV, Howard Hughes;
Series V, Lodwick School of Aeronautics;
Series VI, Lodwick Aircraft Industries;
Series VII, Memorabilia.

Series I, Subject Files, 1935-1946, contains material relating to Lodwick's personal life and service as a civilian war consultant and includes correspondence, speeches, writings, legal documents relating to his Lakeland home, reports, and military manuals and publications.

Series II, Correspondence, 1937-1956, contains primarily Lodwick's personal correspondence, as opposed to business correspondence, which can be found in Series III-VI. Among those with whom he corresponded are General James Doolittle and journalist Lowell Thomas.

Series III, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, 1928-1939, documents to a degree Lodwick's association with the Curtiss-Wright Corporation and includes a company prospectus, production reports compiled by Lodwick, a comparison of army and navy aircraft contract specifications, company brochures, correspondence, engine performance charts, and an instructional manual for salesmen.

Series IV, Howard Hughes, 1936-1941. contains materials relating to Lodwick's relationship with Howard Hughes, especially his involvement with Hughes' record setting around the world flight in 1938. Included are a map of the route Hughes followed, a description of the proposed flight, an instruction and flight manual prepared for Hughes by Lodwick, biographical sketches of Hughes, correspondence, press releases, and a diagram of the aircraft used by Hughes in his flight.

Series V, Lodwick School of Aeronautics, 1940-1949, contains records relating to the flight training school operated in Lakeland by Lodwick under contract to the army to train pilots for World War II. Included are deeds and leases, commencement programs, minutes of meetings, correspondence, auditor's reports, ands scattered copies of a newspaper published by the cadets.

Series VI, Lodwick Aircraft Industries, 1946-59, documents the activities of the company formed by Lodwick after the closure of the aeronautics school. Included are auditor's reports, minutes of meetings, a certificate of incorporation, deeds, leases, correspondence, ledgers, operating licenses, payroll records, promissory notes, and tax returns.

Series VII, Memorabilia, 1911-@1950, includes the company seal for Lodwick Aircraft Industries, a rubber stamp of Lodwick's signature, business and calling cards, Lodwick's grade school report cards, and a piece of fabric from the aircraft flown by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in 1903.