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Scope and Content Note

This collection includes copies of the Articles of Incorporation of the following companies in Lakeland, Florida:

The Lakeland Improvement Company formed by Abraham G. Munn January 31, 1884 for the purpose of "layout, survey and map a town site ... to be called Lakeland." Munn invested $50,000 in the company to construct roads and buildings.

The Lakeland Orange Growers Investment Company - April 12, 1904, E. S. Futch, President.

The Lakeland Printing and Publishing Company - November 4, 1901, C. M. Marsh, President.

The Lakeland Vegetable and Strawberry Union was organized in 1897 by growers of vegetables, strawberries, and fruits to market their products. They incorporated on March 24, 1903.

The Polk County Canal and Navigation Company - October 23, 1884, J. O. C. Blount.