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Series V, Memorabilia, @1862-1950

Pattie Riggins @1906

This series contains family memorabilia gathered and saved over several generations. There is no particular rhyme or reason to what was saved, merely the whim of the family member who chose to save a particular item. Included are postcards, a five dollar bill issued by the Confederate States of America, Annie H. Darracott's certificate of membership in the Daughters of the Confederacy, a 1903 commencement program for Lakeland High School, Mary Pattie Riggins' diplomas from Lakeland High School (1903) and Cumberland University of Tennessee (1906) and a number of family coats of arms. Mary Pattie Riggins is pictured above in her commencement dress at Cumberland University in 1906.

The materials are stored in no particular order in a folio box at the end of the collection.