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Series VI, Negatives, @1940-1950

British Royal Ari Force (RAF) spell out
their initials at the Lodwick School of Aeronautics

This series contains more than 1000 negatives of photographs taken at Lodwick School of Aeronautics and Lodwick Aircraft Industries in Lakeland and Lodwick Aviation Military Academy in Avon Park. The photographs were most likely taken by photographers in the employ of Lodwick, since both the negatives and the prints were stored in what were the offices of the Lodwick School of Aeronautics.

The subjects of the negatives in this series are the two aeronautics schools and Lodwick Aircraft Industries. Included are many of the same images found in series I, II, and IV, such as air fields, barracks, cadets in various stages of training, commencement ceremonies, Lodwick alone and in groups, aircraft interiors and exteriors, drills and parades, and personnel of the two schools and of Lodwick Aircraft Industries.

Many of the photographic prints in series I, II, and IV were produced from negatives in this series, but not all the negatives have corresponding prints. Additional prints will be made as resources permit.

The negatives are organized into broad categories (Cadets, Graduation, etc.) and arranged in an alpha-numeric scheme within each of the broad categories.