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Series V, War Consultant, 1943-44

Al Lodwick (r) visits a US fighter base
in Europe, 1944

Lodwick was twice appointed a consultant to the War Department, once in late 1943 and again in in late 1944. He reported to General Henry Arnold, Commander of U. S. Army Air Forces. On each occasion, Lodwick was sent to the European, North African, and Asian theaters of war on a "secret" mission, presumably to study to the combat readiness and success of American air power at war.

Lodwick documented the first of these two trips in more than 350 photographs which he mounted in a photo album entitled "Tour of World War Fronts by Albert Lodwick." The trip lasted nearly five months and covered 32 countries and 54,000 miles.

Although the photographs are not specifically identified, they clearly depict air bases in Europe, North Africa, and Asia, damage and destruction presumably caused by aerial bombing, German prisoners of war under guard, and the people and places Lodwick visited on his trip. Among the latter are what appear to be the Colosseum in Rome, the pyramids in Egypt, and mosques, temples and churches across three continents.

The photographs are not in any particular order within the album, but appear to be broadly grouped together by continent.