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September 11, 2013 Meeting
On September 11, 2013 City Manager Thomas & Chief Womack gave a review of  internal investigations (“sex case” and all other completed cases), disciplinary actions taken; what was learned; & proposed “roadmaps” of their respective response plans.


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OPS File 12025 Investigative Reports
    OPS File 12025 Investigative Report (Ofc Sherman Conclusion)
    OPS File 12025 Investigative Report (Sue Eberly Conclusion)

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The Lakeland Police Department is currently conducting a series of internal investigations and as a way to keep the community informed, we have compiled information pertaining to these investigations in one place.  A panel called the Lakeland Police Advisory Commission has also been formed to define and answer questions concerning the recent controversies involving the Lakeland Police Department.  The group will review policies, conduct research regarding the Department and suggest actions that can be taken to improve community trust.  Materials requested by the Advisory Commission will also be shared with the community and published on this site.


One of the main focuses of the internal investigations involves sexual misconduct centered around one female non-sworn employee, a crime analyst that came forward with the allegations during a disciplinary hearing. It was during this disciplinary hearing that Police Chief Lisa Womack opened an internal investigation into the matter and ultimately requested assistance from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement because of possible criminal activity and the broad scope of policy violations that were alleged.