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Organizing the Work of the Lakeland Police Advisory Commission:

Identifying Processes for Review


1.    Introduction to the Lakeland Police Department


2.    Role and Scope of Accreditation Process

3.    Expectations of Members of the Lakeland Police Department

4.    Process for Investigation of Complaints against LPD Personnel

5.     Process for Accountability

6.    Process for Acculturating New Members

    • Pre-employment screening process
    • Field Training Program
    • Utilization of Departmental Values
    • On-going efforts at ensuring acculturation of personnel

7.    Personnel Evaluation Process

    • Evaluation process and forms used
    • Operational outputs
    • Identification of deficiencies
    • Corrective action taken as a result of the evaluative process

8.    Investigative Process

    • Investigative Guidelines for completion and submission of reports
    • Investigative Guidelines for follow-up investigations and time requirements
    • Supervisory review of written reports
    • Coordination between Departmental units
    • Coordination with outside agencies

9.    Training Process

    • 2010-2012 summary of training provided
    • Identification of deficiencies and corrective training
    • Roll call training
    • Customer service training

10. Process for internal communications

11. Public records and media relations process