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Requested Resources

2013 Office of Professional Standards 1st Quarter Customer Service Survey   

2013 Office of Professional Standards 1st Quarter Customer Service Survey   

2012 Lakeland Police Department Annual Report  

2012 Lakeland Police Department Office of Professional Standards Annual Report  


LPD Regains State Accreditation   View Press Release     View Accreditation Document 


Accredited Agencies  

Accreditation Time Sensitive Standards  

Administrative Investigation Process Flow Chart   

Case Synopsis/Summary Given by Chief Womack 

Citizen Complaint Form 

City Manager Doug Thomas sends letter in response to recent media report

Dr. Freijo's Presentation / Potential Facilitator  

Dr. Sewell's Overview 

Employee Awards and Decoration Nomination 

Employee Commendation Form 

Ethics Based Policing - Article by Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D. 

Investigative Report / Ofc. David Edds    

Investigative Reports - Officer Fetz
Fetz Summary Report     Fetz FBI Report     Fetz Media Release 

Investigative Findings / Lt. Hans Lehman  

Investigative Report / Jackie Suggs    

Investigative Report - Sgt. Felicia Wilson 

Lakeland Police Advisory Commission Scope 

Lakeland Police Department Budget Document 

Lakeland Police Department Employment Process 

Lakeland Police Department Presentation/Office of Professional Standards  

Lakeland Police Department Office of Professional Standards Brochure    ENGLISH    SPANISH  

Letters from the State Attorney's Office

Letters Dated March 26, 2013 - LPD Investigation of Tonyo Cortez-Evans / Sgt. Felica Wilson
Response Letter from Chief Womack
Letter Dated June 17, 2013 - Lakeland Police Department Traffic Stops
Letter Dated June 25, 2013 - Lakeland Police Department Investigation / Investigative Summary Report
Letter Dated July 12, 2013 - Pawn Shop Robbery
Letter Dated July 16, 2013 - LPD Officer Edds and Sgt. Lloyd

LPAC Interim Update - City Commission Meeting/September 3, 2013   

LPAC Recommendations from Dr. Larry Ross    

LPAC Report Working Draft - 10/10/13    

New Philosophy in Discipline and Use of Force at the Lakeland Police Department   

OPS File 12025 Investigative Reports
    OPS File 12025 Investigative Report (Ofc Sherman Conclusion)
    OPS File 12025 Investigative Report (Sue Eberle Conclusion)

Police Officer's Bill of Rights  

Status of Recent and Current Investigations   

Summary Listing of All Disciplinary Actions - October 19, 2013  

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