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Robbery Investigation - Suspects Amanda Henson and Douglass Thornton

Lakeland Police responded to a disturbance in progress at 3:51 am after a 911 call was received by victim, Allen Randolph THOMAS (age 57), stating he had been attacked. The victim stated he was being attacked by a male and a female and was at Lake Mirror near a park. During the call a male and female voice could be heard in the background involved in a disturbance. A male voice could be heard telling the victim to “give him his son”. The victim advised that the white female attacker had a pink shirt on. Officers responded to the area and were unable to locate a victim. At 7:18 am, a call was received from a citizen that an unresponsive adult male was seen in a parking lot at 515 East Orange Avenue. Officers arriving in the area found the victim deceased with a contusion over his left eye. His eyes appeared to be swollen and cell phone was missing.


Officers utilized security cameras in the area and were able to obtain images of the two suspects and the victim interacting. The victim was observed attempting to leave the area and the suspects were observed moving toward the victim. All three moved out of camera range and, a short time later, the suspects were observed leaving the area on foot. Suspect, Amanda N. HENSON, DOB: (W/F, DOB: 8/25/86) was located in the 600 block of Kentucky Avenue. Suspect, Anthony Douglass THORNTON, (W/M, DOB: 2/21/80) was also located in the

downtown area of Lakeland. The victim’s cell phone was located in Thornton’s pocket.


During interview Henson stated that Thornton had directed her to take Thomas’ cell phone during the altercation. Henson did take the cell phone from Thomas and later gave it to Thornton. Henson also confirmed that Thomas had tried to get away from Thornton, but Thornton pursued him because he believed Thomas had something to do with Thornton’s son. During interview with Thornton, he stated that he was with Henson and saw Thomas walking in the area. Thornton stated that Henson told him that Thomas had taken his son. Thornton then approached Thomas and initiated a confrontation. Thornton stated he did punch Thomas and Thomas fell to the ground.


Both suspects admitted to smoking K2 prior to the event occurring. The investigation indicated that Thomas was not known to either suspect prior to the robbery.


Thornton was arrested for Robbery w/o Firearm/Weapon (F2)

Aggravated Battery Causing Bodily Harm/Disability (F2)

Henson was arrested for Robbery w/o Firearm/Weapon (F2).

Both were transported to Polk County Jail. This investigation is ongoing pending

autopsy report.

Additional information becomes available.

Media inquiries should be directed to 863.860.4178.



October 28, 2013

The homicide victim has now been identified as 43 year old, Thomas Howard Garrison.  His next of kin, brother Frederick Parks, Jr. of Miramar, FL has been notified.  As of this Media Release an autopsy has not been completed. 


On October 24, 2013 at approximately 10:12 p.m., several 911 calls were received about gunshots in the area of Gilmore Avenue and Parker Street. Patrol Officers responded and upon arrival located an adult male with a gunshot wound. The unknown male was found lying in the front yard of 708 East Parker Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The decedent has not been positively identified. An autopsy has been scheduled.

There are no arrests and no further details are being released at this time due to the ongoing investigation. As further information becomes available, updates will be released.

On June 18, 2013, Lakeland Police Department received information that Officer David Edds allegedly provided testimony at trial in a DUI case that was untruthful. Chief Lisa Womack immediately opened an internal Administrative Investigation into this matter.

The Administrative Investigation was completed on October 16, 2013 with a recommended action of termination. Officer Edds resigned in lieu of termination.

Sustained charges on Officer David Edds (OPS #13-018):

• Job Knowledge, Competency, and Performance
• Neglect of Duty
• Untruthfulness
• Unlawful Conduct
• Improper Conduct
• Conduct Unbecoming

The Administrative Investigation of Sergeant Ray Lloyd is still under review.

On July 16, 2013, State Attorney Jerry Hill sent a letter to Chief Lisa Womack in reference to testimony by Officer David Edds and Sergeant Ray Lloyd in which he referenced Lieutenant Hans Lehman interfering in an investigation his office was conducting. Chief Lisa Womack initiated an internal Administrative Investigation into Lieutenant Hans Lehman and the allegations.

The Administrative Investigation has been completed and Lieutenant Hans Lehman has been cleared. The investigation found that Lieutenant Lehman did not discuss the case under criminal investigation (defendant named Barber) by the State Attorney’s office. Instead he discussed another case (defendant named Talman, this case was closed on October 30, 2012) and subsequently notified the State Attorney’s Office of the second case. The investigation included review of the State Attorney’s Office investigative report, follow up information obtained from SAO Investigator, interviews with LPD personnel and computer forensics.

Findings (OPS #13-023):

Count 1 - Interference in Investigations – Unfounded
Count 2 - Interference in Investigations - Exonerated
Count 3 – Interference in Investigations – Not Sustained

On October 16, 2013, Victim Advocate Jackie Suggs resigned after being notified of recommendation for termination.

Sustained findings (OPS #13-029):
• Neglect of Duty
• Member’s Duty to Report Misconduct

Other Updates:

The Administrative Investigation in the case of former Officer Julio Pagan has been closed. The Administrative Investigation into the actions of Communications Center personnel is complete pending the receipt of documentation from the State Attorney’s Office. It is anticipated that this file will be forwarded to the supervisory chain of command Monday for disciplinary action.