"Lover's Oak" at Success Ave & Lake Morton to be Removed Second Week of September

Lakeland, FL (August 23,2017) - The City of Lakeland's Parks & Recreation Department has determined the large oak trees, fondly known as the “Lover’s Oak,” on the northeast corner of Success Avenue at Lake Morton will need to be removed. Two City of Lakeland Certified Arborists and an outside consultant inspected the trees and determined that, while in average-good health, it was impossible to ensure public safety through any other action other than removal.

Parks & Recreation Director Bob Donahay said, “it was important we were thoughtful in this process. We are in the business of planting trees, saving trees, not taking them down. We reached out to an outside expert to make sure that we were unbiased in our decision.” E. Sciences Inc. was contracted by the City of Lakeland to assess the trees and options going forward.

With the support of internal City of Lakeland certified arborists, it was determined that the tree had structural defects that cannot be corrected. The “Lover’s Oak” has gained renown locally because it is notably two trees that have intertwined through the years. However, the inspection revealed that the trees are no longer connected and there is evidence of internal decay. The investigation was initiated after a large limb fell from the tree on July 21st, striking a vehicle on Success Avenue, causing damage.

The work will begin around the second week of September and should last approximately one week. A more detailed timeline will be available once crews are secured.

View/download the Lover's Oak Arborist Assessment by E. Sciences Inc.