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FEMA Contractors Will Have Rolling Road Blocks on Major Roadways in Order to Remove Storm-Related Debris

Debris Update Graphic

Updated 10/12/2017, 2:13 PM

LAKELAND, FL (October 12, 2017) – Starting Monday, October 16th, the FEMA Debris Contractor Crowder Gulf will establish rolling roadblocks on the major roadways with a concentrated effort to remove Hurricane Irma-related debris.  To date 2,600 loads totaling 100,000 cubic yards of storm related debris has been removed from the public right of way.

Greg James, Assistant Director of Public Works said, “Immediately after Hurricane Irma passed, our assessment teams estimated that there was over 300,000 cubic yards of storm debris.  We have been systematically removing the debris from neighborhoods and we will continue to do that but we now have to focus on the major roadways.”  He added, “That can be difficult because of traffic so starting on Monday we will initiate rolling roadblocks to ensure work crew safety while we make a concentrated effort to get the debris off our major roadways.” The rolling road blocks will be assisted by the use of patrol units from the Lakeland Police Department.  It is imperative that motorist obey the roadblocks and adhere to the rules of the road. 

Detours will be clearly marked.

Rolling Roadblock schedule 

Day Time Street
Monday, 10/16 9 AM - 4 PM Cleveland Heights Boulevard (Southbound lanes)
Tuesday, 10/17 9 AM - 4 PM Cleveland Heights Boulevard (Northbound lanes)
Wednesday, 10/18 9 AM - 4 PM New Jersey (Southbound lane)
Thursday, 10/19 9 AM - 4 PM Edgewood Drive (East then Westbound lanes)
Friday, 10/20 9 AM - 4 PM New Jersey (Northbound lane)

Crowder Gulf will mobilize a cadre of units on each major roadway.  This will expedite the removal of debris so sidewalks will be open for public use and vehicle traffic will not be hindered by the debris piles.  James said, “Our goal is to get the City back to normal as quickly as we can.  It is our intent to have the first pass of debris removal done by the end of October.  We can then concentrate on the second and third pass if necessary.”